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  • Cost advantage thanks to the competitive power we have in the purchasing field.
  • Save on cost, time and labor force and to make a profit while purchasing.
  • Guarantee for smooth management of processes within the scope of service thanks To the contracts executed.
  • Extensive supply chain solutions.
  • Possibility to comfortably select and approve the product to be purchased with a sample to be sent.
  • Optimal, thorough design and planning for your supply chain thanks to the strong technology, Expert sources and experience we possess.
  • Guarantee for service quality and sustainability with inspections and measurements conducted.
  • Opportunity to be introduced to the alternative solution models we have created based on our Extensive services and dominance in the field of sector dynamics, and to follow-up on common project Opportunities closely.
  • Instant follow-up on developments in the sectors and regular information provided in the light of Data obtained.
  • We would like to sign a frame agreement between our customers and supplying everything . Frame agreements do not contain any item specific description, price or quantity but business principals Only. A frame agreement is signed by and between a customer and supplying everything in order to define;
  • Authorized personnel, legal contacts and corresponding bodies,
  • General business practice, terms and conditions,
  • Area of business,
  • Validity date of the agreement
  • We will be at your disposal while you are in need of any service or materials.
  • You can be in touch with our assigned line manager for your company.
  • You will send your official request with your recommended links and vendors.
  • We also make sourcing and add offers from our supplier pools.
  • Assigned line manager prepare a bid tabulation with minimum 4 bids.
  • You will be choosing best bid for you and approving the bid tabulation.
  • Supplying everything will be arranging delivery to your warehouse according to lead time.
  • Office stationery
  • Cleaning materials
  • Construction materials
  • Backing materials
  • Furniture
  • Industrial equipments
  • Domestic logistic
  • International logistics
  • Multi modal transportation

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